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TrafficSchools of Florida.com is an affiliate of Traffic Safety Consultants (call or click: 877-INFRACTION.com (877-463-7228), and specializes in offering the widest variety of State DMV accredited, internet-based, and live traffic courses in Florida, offered in English and Spanish.  We also offer an online 4 hour Anger Management Course, as well as the required Divorce / Parent Education Course required for all divorcing parties in Florida.

TrafficSchools of Florida.com's mission is to offer prompt, convenient at-home or in-office completion of all Florida Traffic School requirements, with same day delivery of your traffic school certificate, with instant electronic notification to the DMV and the Court Traffic Clerk. We were established to provide the widest selection of traffic classes that are all Florida Traffic Court and DMV-approved, statewide. The Traffic School of Florida is affiliated with Traffic Safety Consultants, and is certified statewide for all County courts and traffic courts in Florida.

We are operated by a former traffic attorney, some of whom maybe ticket lawyers and our instructors receive periodic and updated training from the Traffic Safety Consultants. Through our background and our intensive training in traffic course instruction, we can assist you in making your choices and getting the most out of your experience, whether live, online or at home.  We also offer a comedy traffic school course on a DVD or videotape called 'Funny in Florida', which can be viewed at home, enjoyed with your family or viewed at our offices. 


Florida Traffic School.com's Services

The selection of  traffic courses at Traffic Schools of Florida suits a broad variety of preferences. Do you prefer instruction in an in-person setting? If so, you would greatly benefit from our live comedy classes. Do you feel comfortable going online and desire to communicate through the web? If so, our online traffic courses will suit your interests. If you like studying within the privacy of your home, you'll feel at ease taking our courses at home, by booklet, by tape or comedy DVD. With all of our traffic school courses, you will still be delivered a Certificate of Completion immediately after you complete the course!

We offer all required classes for criminal court, traffic court, for probation and the DMV. To assist students of various backgrounds, we offer multilingual traffic courses that are taught in English, Spanish and Creole.

Enroll today in our online traffic course (whether at home or at our office) and you'll receive a 10% discount! 

If you have further questions regarding legal issues stemming from your traffic ticket, you can contact an independent Florida traffic and attorney criminal lawyer atCriminalTrafficLaw.com 



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Traffic Schools of Florida call or click: 877-INFRACTION.com
Phone: 877-INFRACTION (463-7228)

E-mail : TrafficSchoolofFlorida@Gmail.com

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